Get a bike

Procedure to get a bicycle

  • Fill in the form and send it.

  • You will receive a confirmation either by email or by sms.

  • The requests will be handle the same date you send them.

  • We will contact you afterwards to fix an appointment to come to Equivelo and choose a bicycle.

  • In case you are a refugee please bring your rose paper. If you are a Social Assistance beneficiary please ask for a certificate to your social office.

  • Once you have been assigned a bicycle you must sign a Delivery contract.

  • You will pay a monthly fee of one (1) Euro for using your bicycle.

    Note: in order to simplify your request, please make only one request per family and specify how many bikes you need, the gender and age of the children.

Terms of use

  • All the bicycles and delivered materials will be considered as a property of Equiclic Asbl and Equivelo project.

  • The bicycles are maintained and repaired from Equivelo under the limits of their human and financial resources.

  • Bike users should ensure the good conditions of the material in order to avoid any accident, always considering the traffic laws during the use of the bicycles.

  • The users are free stop their Delivery contract at any time, having only as a condition to give back the whole material to Equivelo.

  • In case of theft, the affiliate member should make a theft declaration to the Police, informing Equivelo and bringing the document giving by the authorities.

  • The fee to use a bicycle is fixed in one (1) Euro per month. A count will be stablished every six (6) months.


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